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2014 September 13 & 14 -Group Skills Training

2014 September 13 & 14 -Group Skills Training - GESTALT ART THERAPY CENTRE

The workshop is designed to teach by experiential demonstration of a variety of ways to work with groups in any setting.



September 13 & 14, 2014 

The workshop is for those working or training as social and community service providers, counselling or anyone wanting to explore, develop confidence, and further group facilitation skills. The participants will be able to understand their unique style and gifts and to use them to their best advantage in the group environment. The workshop is designed to offer an in depth understanding of the dynamics of group energy and gives a clear methodology to the theoretical basis of group work.  


This workshop is an approved PD for professionals

 Each participant will receive a free book : "Group Work Skills" by Yaro Starak

Day 1:

INTRODUCTION TO GROUP WORK. The theoretical principles and practices will be covered through experiential exercises, discussion and some personal exploration in group settings:


- How to begin group work.


- The paradoxical theory of change.


- What sort of groups can get us into trouble and what to do to change and re-frame our difficulties into opportunities.


- The magic of role playing.


In addition we will explore THE UNKNOWN ASPETCS IN GROUPS. That is looking at the major aspects of the unconscious process of group work. Much of what goes on in groups happens  ¨below the neck¨. Much of it is in the dance between our unconscious selves. This dance is what helps to make groups so exciting, scary and full of potential for transformation.


Day 2:

THE PRACTICE OF GROUP LEADERSHIP The more we understand our own inner 'selves' and their interplay, the better facilitators we will be. Come prepared to know (and accept) yourself better!


This includes:


 - How to facilitate groups in any setting.


 - Getting to know and working on the fears and other self-limiting messages that hold us back as group facilitators


- Learning by facilitating a small group and receive feedback.


- Group reality development, including the 'dreaded' unconscious group collusion and the role of 'ghosts'.


 - Meeting and working with people's different 'selves' in a group.


- Understanding the unconscious roles people can play, and get stuck in set ways.




Payment before September 8, workshop price: $175.50 

Credit Card payments has a comission 3%



After September 8, workshop price: $195 

  Credit Card payments has a comission 3%


Here you can download the Registration Form


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