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2016 February 20th- Workshop Working with Kids

2016 February 20th- Workshop Working with Kids - GESTALT ART THERAPY CENTRE

 The workshop is fully booked!!!


The way to work with children in a therapy session could be a little different than working with adults. Professional therapists need to adjust their therapeutic tools to the level of children.


DATE: FEBRUARY 20th, 2016

TIME: Saturday 9:00am To 5pm

Cost for the workshop:


Early Bird, Payment before 5th February, 2016:  $130


Payment after 5th February, 2016:  $150


•             Ask us for the Bank details:


•             Payment by Credit Card- paypal has a 4% commission of the total cost.


 Facilitator: YARO STARAK


What You Will Learn:

The basic principles and practices will be covered through experiential exercises, discussion and some personal exploration.

This will include:

 • The paradoxical theory of change

 • The magic of role playing with children

 • Being open to the unexpected – magic happens

 • Experiencing the Now: savoring and chewing

 • The importance of being specific and concrete

 • The creative void and change in the Here and Now


Also, we will explore an introduction to Gestalt work with children:

 •          Use of drawing and colors

 •          Sand play with children

 •          Music therapy

 •          Family sculpturing


Download here the Workshop Registration



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