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2017, November 26 Aura soma Wisdom

2017, November 26 Aura soma Wisdom - GESTALT ART THERAPY CENTRE

The use of the color to discover your inner self

The beginnings of Aura-Soma® are a truly remarkable story. It began with the inspiration of Vicky Wall, a retired surgical chiropodist, living in a small village in England. One evening in 1983, Vicky had a vision in meditation to create colour products. As Vicky recalled the blending of those first radiant bottles, she said: “I only know that other hands had guided mine”. Amazingly, Vicky Wall was blind.

Margaret Cockbain, an acclaimed cranio-sacral osteopath, had worked in partnership with Vicky. Together they dedicated their lives to helping all those who came to their clinic. Margaret was Australian.


Gemma is going to support you in the process of your own "awareness" here and through the Aura soma Equilibrium

With the magical color bottles of Aura soma and Gestalt Therapy philosophy, the clients will be able to project their conflicts, attend to their personal issues and integrate their strengths with the aim to resolve unfinished business and access personal growth.

In this Workshop, we will create our own bottles as a "talisman" that can offer us a symbolic support when we need it in our daily lives.


Gemma Garcia Co-Director of the Gestalt Art Therapy centre is Gestalt Therapist and Aurasoma Therapist Level 2.


1 day:


Saturday: 9:30 am - 4:00pm



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