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2017, September 17 A meeting with Men

2017, September 17 A meeting with Men - GESTALT ART THERAPY CENTRE

This is an invitation to men in their middle-age time, who wish to share their experiences how they have coped with problems of work, family, addictions, and other life crises and perhaps support younger men in similar situations.  


Day: September 17th

Time: Please inform us by email: the best time for you, we can adapt the meeting time to have the largest number of participants. Donations to cover coffee and tea.

Place: Gestalt Art Therapy centre


Contact Phone: 04 2151 4907

Yaro Starak, B.A., M.S.W., Gestalt Therapist & Trainer – Brisbane.

Yaro has 35 years of experience leading workshops in group process work and in teaching group dynamic skills. He lectured undergraduate and postgraduate students in group work at the University of Queensland for over 25 years.

He conducts international workshops and writes about group dynamics. Yaro has published two books and a variety of articles on Group Dynamics, and has led men’s groups and training groups for men since 1994.

His book, LIFE TOOLS: TRAINING THROUGH SMALL GROUPS - AN EXPERIENTIAL APPROACH (2010), Is a gift to all who attend the first meeting.

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