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2018, February 10 Mandalas Art Therapy

2018, February 10 Mandalas Art Therapy - GESTALT ART THERAPY CENTRE

Incorporating MANDALAS in Therapy Sessions- ART THERAPY

Life is a circular process. Our unresolved conflicts are also the universe, we are constantly circling around our being and growing.

In this one-day event you will learn how to change the repetitive patterns that emerge in your life using/creating/ modifying mandalas in a symbolic way.

Learn how to practice this skill to be used with your clients and/or for your own personal growth.

Note: According to art therapist and mental health counsellor Susanne F. Fincher, we owe the re-introduction of mandalas into modern Western thought to Carl Jung, the Swiss psychoanalyst. In his pioneering exploration of the unconscious through his own art making, Jung observed the motif of the circle spontaneously appearing in therapy. At that moment the circle drawings reflected his inner state of being.

What you will learn:

  • The meaning of Mandalas in our lives.
  • How to enhance therapeutic results using the Mandala symbol
  • Enable the client to recognise the symbol as their guide
  • Discover the unconscious messages using the Mandala

Day/s: February 10th

Time: 9:30 am to 4:00 pm


Members: $105.00

Non- Members: $120.00


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