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2018 June 15, 16 &17 ART THERAPY RETREAT!


If you want to spend an amazing weekend in a relaxed place, practicing Art Therapy, having time for you, and also improving your professional skills, you are very welcome to this Art Therapy retreat! Do not miss this opportunity!

BIG DISCOUNT until APRIL 30th, 2018


Amazing Art Retreat in BALLINA NSW

Psychologists, Counsellors, Artists and any person who wants to use Art techniques in a Therapeutic way, all are welcome!


ART THERAPY RETREAT! June 15, 16 & 17, 2018

Save $350.00!

NOW the Cost is: $850.00 per person payment before April 30th

Payment after April 30th: $1.100.00

Full cost includes:

  • Accommodation in a cabin, sharing room, two persons per cabin, two nights. Linen. (Accommodation in tents or Tipi please contact us).
  • Friday lunch & dinner
  • Saturday all the meals
  • Sunday included lunch
  • Art Therapy classes
  • Art materials
  • Morning Yoga classes
  • Final Certificate

At this Art Therapy Camp, you will be able to learn and enjoy creative ways of working with clients and groups, using Clay, Paintings, LandArt, and more.

Enjoy this ART THERAPY CAMP in a SPECIAL natural venue in BALLINA Beach Village retreat! NSW.

Facilitated by Yaro Starak & Gemma Garcia, Directors of the Gestalt Art Therapy Centre & Artists!.


Do not miss this opportunity!


During this ART CAMP you will study:

  • The experience of extensive range of Art materials & techniques adapted to be used with clients.
  • Get some ideas from this Art Camp like how to incorporate art with clients in Therapy sessions
  • Discover different ideas and adapt them in the therapeutic context.
  • Express yourself, play, investigate with techniques and materials, this is the only way you will gain ways of working creatively with a client or group.
  • Learn when, why and how to use specific techniques in the context of the client's age, situation, level of the therapeutic process or working theme of your client.

At this ART CAMP you will practice:

  • Working with Acrylic painting & Water Color
  • Using Clay
  • Exploring Land Art
  • Mixed media
  • Performance
  • Spiritual Rituals


The Art work as the focus of Art Therapy:

  • Working with Self-esteem
  • Working with the polarities of the light/ shadow aspects
  • Working with trauma
  • Working with families
  • Working with kids
  • Working with couples
  • Group work

Note: We are not doing Individual or Group Therapy. This Art Camp has the purpose of training in Art skills. We have a Gestalt focus, but the goal of the Art Camp is investigating materials used in Art Therapy sessions that can apply to any style of therapy.


All the participants are welcome, if you are Psychologist, Counsellor, Therapist, teacher, Artist, this ART THERAPY CAMP would offer you the Art therapy skills. If you are not, you will be able to experiment with Art as a Therapeutic approach.



Any person interested in participating can pay in three stages:


  • Full payment $850.00
  • or Two payments, $425.00 each
  • or Three payments, $284.00 each



$850.00 before April 30th,2018



First payment ($425.00) before April 15th, 2018

and the second payment ($425.00) before May 15th, 2018



First payment before March 15th, 2018

Second payment before April 15th, 2018

Third payment before May 15th, 2018


Payment by paypal has a 4% of commission, applied to the cost

Available Transfer Bank (Ask us for the Bank details to:

Each price is per person

The amount is in Australian Dollars

IMPORTANT: Please read Cancellation policy at the Registration form


Any questions please feel free to contact us.

04 2151 4907


The venue of the Art Therapy Retreat


  • All the reservations must be organized by Gestalt Art therapy centre


Ballina Beach Village

440 South Ballina Beach Road



Airport Pickup option

Pick up from Ballina-Byron Airport & buses by arrangement.

Must book 48hrs in advance.

*Fees not included in the Art Therapy retreat package.


Ballina is located on the Pacific Highway and was established on the northern shore of the Richmond River near Cape Byron, Australia’s most easterly point, in the 1840s. Ballina boasts some of the most beautiful surfing beaches and picturesque headlands on the east coast of Australia, such as Angel’s Beach. It is approximately 750 km (466 mi) north of Sydney and 205 km (127 mi) south of Brisbane. It is home to the World’s Largest Prawn (made of concrete and fibreglass).

Ballina is situated on the mouth of the Richmond River, which was an important transport route for the region for the first 100 years after settlement. The river and its estuaries abound with marine wildlife and are used for recreational fishing and water sports.



Ballina has a number of famous “landfalls” associated with it. In 1928, Charles Kingsford Smith’s plane, the “Southern Cross”, crossed the coast over Ballina after its epic journey across the Pacific. Ballina had a festival associated with the event during the 1970s and 1980s, and a school in East Ballina bears the name “Southern Cross”.

In 1973, the Las Balsas rafts were towed into Ballina by fishing trawlers after their journey from Ecuador.  They had planned to arrive in Mooloolaba in Queensland, but currents forced them off their course. Their journey was almost twice as long as the Kon-Tiki expeditions of 1947 and proved that people could have travelled across the Pacific in ancient times.

A branch railway line connected Ballina with the Casino-Murwillumbah Railway at Booyong. The line was opened on 24 August 1930 and closed on 12 January 1949.



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