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2018, October 18, Creativity in Therapy by Dr Ronald A. Alexander

2018, October 18, Creativity in Therapy by Dr Ronald A. Alexander - GESTALT ART THERAPY CENTRE

We have the creativity in us that creates the universe – all we need do is be aware of it. Ram Dass.

 An experiential short workshop!

Discover how to help your clients to:

  • Let go of the past
  • Tune into the present and their core creativity
  • Move forward with passion and purpose

Pioneering psychotherapist Dr. Ronald Alexander combines ancient Buddhist practices and tools with leading-edge positive psychology to guide readers past their pain and create fresh personal visions for joy, contentment, happiness, and vitality. Author of the book, “Wise Mind Open Mind” focuses on the building of mindstrength – the ability to use mindfulness to calm the churning waters of thoughts and emotions. As the mind quiets, it opens into deeper states of awareness through a three-step process that resilient creative artists have mastered.


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Dr. Ronald Alexander's innovative three-step plan based on his widely acclaimed book, Wise Mind, Open Mind that he has used successfully with clients for the last 20 years to help them transform a crisis, loss or change from the inside out. The first step is to tap into your core creativity

Video- A 3 Step Process to Transform a Crisis or Change from the Inside Out 


Day/s: October 18th, 2018


Thursday 6:30pm to 9:30 pm



Gestalt Art Therapy Centre

Ashgrove- Brisbane



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Ronald A. Alexander, PhD, MFT, SEP(Somatic Experiencing Practitioner) is a psychotherapist, leadership coach, and clinical trainer in the fields of Somatic Trauma Healing Therapies, Mindfulness Meditation, Transformational Leadership and Core Creativity. As the Executive Director of the OpenMind Training® Institute he draws upon his extensive, pioneering background in Holistic Health, Behavioral Medicine, Positive and Self Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Ericksonian Mind-Body Healing Therapies and Eastern Wisdom Traditions.

Alexander has been conducting national &  international  workshops and professional clinical trainings that support strategies of personal, clinical and corporate excellence in the USA, Europe, Canada, Russia, Asia & Australia since 1972.


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