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2019 ART THERAPY RETREAT Spain- Valencia , June 21, 22, 23

2019 ART THERAPY RETREAT Spain- Valencia , June 21, 22, 23 - GESTALT ART THERAPY CENTRE

An incredible opportunity to discover another country, participating in an Art Therapy Retreat and enjoying a relaxing time, meeting new and interesting people with similar interests to yours. Event in the English and the Spanish language.


  FROM 21st to 23rd, June 2019

With the special participation of Sixto Abril- Spain

Leaders and coordinators of the event Yaro Starak & Gemma Garcia

Directors Gestalt Art Therapy Centre- Australia

Event in English and in Spanish



Why participate in the Gestalt Art Therapy Retreat?

If you are a professional of Psychotherapy, Gestalt Therapy, Therapies, Social Work, Educators, etc., you will be interested in discovering new techniques and therapeutic approaches to apply with a large population of clients in a creative way. Ideal to apply to families, children, couples, groups, companies, etc.

If you are not a professional Therapist, and you are interested in Art as a form of expression, and / or for your own personal process, in this Gestalt  Art Therapy Retreat you will learn Artistic exercises to use yourself and how to investigate the messages that they carry from the Unconscious from a Gestalt Therapy approach. We will experiment with Land Art, Music, Movement, Sculpture, Poetry, Painting, Rituals and more.

During the development of the workshop we will use different Artistic materials as a vehicle for the expression of Emotions. You will discover how, when and why to use different art materials and their therapeutic applications.

You can draw, paint, model, dance, sing, write poetry, etc. You do not have to worry about the materials, we will bring them.

The entire Art therapy Retreat will be coordinated and attended by Yaro Starak and Gemma Garcia (Australia), as well as super interesting collaborations by Sixto Abril (Spain).




The 21st, 22nd y 23rd of June 2019


Day 21st June- 18:00 h Reception of the participants- Dinner- Accommodation

Day 22nd June- Workshop, Breakfasts, Lunch, Dinner.

Day 23rd June- Workshop, breakfast, Workshop closing 14:00 h. (See more information in the program please)




 The Retreat Arteterapia Gestalt, will be developed at JARDIN DE MAR, located in GILET- the province of Valencia, Spain. (See additional information on the place and how to get to the "PROGRAM OF THE WORKSHOP")



PAYMENT before 20 MAY 2019: 250 Euros. 

(Pay now with your card a single payment here is the link)

Payment after 20 MAY 2019: 290 Euros


Payment in TWO Payments:

125 euros before April 15, 2019

125 euros before May 15, 2019.

(Pay now with link card Fee 1, link payment Fee 2)

The price includes:

-Participation in the Workshop on the indicated days

-Use of Art materials during the retreat

-Accommodation, meals, dinners as indicated in the program.

The prices do not include:

-         Flight tickets costs to the Event and returning from the event

-         Airport transfers from any City to the event and returning from the event

-         Medical Insurance

-         Other cost not included in the: “prices include” information

IMPORTANT TO BRING SLEEPING BAG or bed sheets, and if you want a swimsuit.


FORMS OF PAYMENT: Credit Card (PayPal) or Bank Transfer

  • [1] PAYPAL: You can make the payment through the links previously in this doc and / or on the web: Gestalt Art Therapy Retreat in Valencia and / or ask for the PayPal link for payment to:


  • BANK TRANSFER: Ask us for Australian bank account details. For payments made outside Australia, we are using The organizers of the event will cover the costs of the transfer through transferwise. Other Banks / Platforms not including the transfer costs. See here how to make the payment. Note: Using this method of Bank transfer to Australia, the payment must be in Australian Dollars 250 euros = $398 Aud


General agreements and contract of participation in the Gestalt Art Therapy Retreat Jardin de Mar. Gilet. Valencia. Spain.

Here you can see the General Conditions of participation in the Gestalt Art Therapy Retreat, participating in this event means that you accept all the conditions noted here:


  • The participant accepts that if he/she suffers an accident or illness during the days of the development of the Art Gestalt Therapy Retreat, the Organizers and / or Coordinators of the Jardin de Mar will be able to call medical services for you to be attended. The expenses derived from this situation will only be charged to the participant (and / or his Social, Private and / or Travel Insurance). Participants coming from other countries will be governed by the same conditions. The Organizers are not responsible for accidents that occurred during the development of the event.
  • Participants must be 18 years of age at the time of the workshop. To participate in this Art Therapy Gestalt Retreat, the participant must have paid the total amount of the fees before participating. If you have chosen two payments, the fees must have been paid in full before the start of the workshop. If no payment is made before the day of the workshop, the interested party could not participate in the event and would not receive any economic refund, regardless of the fees paid, to cover cancellation costs. Payments do not include GST. “commission/transfer fees” are paid by the organizers in payments through transferwise, another forms of transfers, the bank commission/transfer fees will be paid by the participant.
  • Because the event is related to Psychology and / or Gestalt Therapy, the Organizers inform you that the Workshop is for teaching purposes and not for Personal Therapy. As we inform in the registration, the Organizers of the event are not responsible for the mental state of the participants, being the responsibility of each of the participants their emotional situation. Since the exercises to be developed out will have an emotional component, all the personal / emotional information exhibited in the workshop by the participants, on a voluntary basis, will be treated by the Organizers of the event and participants in a confidential manner, requesting this confidentiality also to each participant for the event.
  • During the event different artistic products/materials will be used, in case you are allergic to any of them, you must inform the Organizers of the Gestalt art therapy, to offer you alternative materials to the allergic ones. The Organizers of the event are not responsible for complications arising from these products, in addition to the misuse of tools such as scissors, scissors etc.
  • The Organizers of the event and / or Jardin de Mar are not responsible for losses, theft, robbery of personal effects of the participants, including money, being the sole responsibility of each participant to take care of their properties.
  • The Organizers of the event will be able to take photographs and video recording during the days of the Gestalt Art Therapy retreat of participants and their works, being able to use this material with didactic and promotional purposes of their web pages of Arteterapia Gestalt & Gestalt Art Therapy, YouTube, Instagram and / or Facebook. If you do not wish to be photographed / recorded, you must communicate it in writing to: Personal data will be strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties
  • In the case of bad behavior (Abuse, humiliation, insult, et) of any participant, against another Participant, or against the Organizers, collaborator, guests, and / or Jardin de Mar and workers and / or the Group, the Organizers of the event may expel this person / person, without right to claim and economic compensation or economic refund. Yaro Starak & Gemma Garcia can change the program and content of the event in case it was necessary without informing the participants in advance of the changes, all the contents being related to Gestalt Art Therapy. Participation in this event means that all the conditions reported here are accepted, with no right to claim and compensation.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in the Jardin de Mar venue and during the Art Therapy retreat


Cancellation Policy / Returns:

- If the participant cancels his participation two months before the start of the event, there will be no refund whatsoever.

- If the participant cancels his participation three months before the start of the event, the return of 50% of the amount will be made, discounting commission expenses for transfers / refunds of the total paid. Withholdings on % refunds will cover the payment of the reservation of the place and expenses derived from the management of the same.

- If Yaro Starak and Gemma Garcia will cancel the development of the Gestalt Art Therapy retreat for reasons beyond their control, the full refund of the amount previously paid by each participant, would be refund (transferwise transfer fees commissions are not included in the refund) an/or commission/ fees  for payments with credit cards and / or through payments by PayPal that the participant has paid derivatives for the payment and/or return.



Any questions please contact us:




Yaro Starak & Gemma Garcia

[1] Payments with PayPal will add 5% PayPal fees. See forms of payment later. If you make the payment in two instalments the commission will be applied in each instalment.


Download here the Reterat Registration form



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