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2019 Denmark Orø Intensive Gestalt Art Therapy Seminar June 30 to July 5, 2019

2019 Denmark Orø Intensive Gestalt Art Therapy Seminar June 30 to July 5, 2019 - GESTALT ART THERAPY CENTRE

An amazing ART THERAPY Seminar in Gestalt Institute of Escandinavia Denmark!

Leaders from Australia

Yaro Starak & Gemma Garcia



Gestalt Institute of Escandinavia

Næsbyvej 28, Orø 4300 Holbæk Danmark


Yaro Starak & Gemma Garcia have explored this topic for over eight years now and found that the Gestalt community everywhere does not have a curriculum where the Gestalt Art approach is integrated into the Gestalt therapy practice.

Of course, bits and pieces of drama, drawing, and other so called artistic elements are added to a session with a training group. Yet, a specific training in the use of art tools in gestalt work is not available everywhere.

In this workshop Yaro work together with Gemma Garcia, Gestalt therapist and Visual artist, with whom he founded the Gestalt Art Therapy centre in Australia.

Fritz Perls was excited to incorporate dramatists and body work in his workshops, and Laura Perls integrated Dance in her workshops too, of which many have become well known in their artistic work. At this time, the art aspect in training students is not sufficiently promoted, and the experiential aspects of Gestalt is losing its important place in therapy.

At this GIS week workshop, we will introduce the skills and tools of Gestalt Art Therapy.


  • To enable trained gestalt therapists, attain creative tools of practice in their work.
  • To offer an art focused Gestalt workshop at Orø


The workshop will offer some theoretical principles with extensive practical elements and experiential group processes using Art materials as tools to enhance therapy with clients.


During the introduction to ART Therapy, there will be many art materials used (see the program) each “tool” will be explained and practiced with a volunteer client and also we will use the group process work to demonstrate the healing medium in art. The art materials are negotiated as to availability.

Where: Orø, Denmark

When: June 30th, 16.00 to July 5th, 14.00, 2019.

Seminar Fee, Company: 9.600 DKK (1.300 EUR)
Seminar Fee, Private: 7.200 DKK (875 EUR)
Seminar Fee, Students: 5.040 DKK (680 EUR)
Stay: 4.560 DKK (618 EUR)

Leaders: Yaro Starak and Gemma Garcia


More Information:

Næsbyvej 28, Orø
4300 Holbæk

+45 59 47 00 17

Download here the Registration form

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