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 Training Workshops and Therapy Sessions in Australia


Our Centre offers to develop art tools for therapists who wish to enhance their skills and practice across a range of clients. 

The Center is proud of its strong experience in the field of Gestalt Therapy and its practice of awareness that has been the core method of ‘mindfulness’ learning for the last 30 years.  

We aim to provide our services and experiences in the field of Gestalt Art Therapy as well, to enable and support our participants in a nurturing environment with respect, compassion and humility.  


 On this website you will find information about our Gestalt Art Therapy Centre.
We offer: 

  • Workshops , they are recommended for all helping professionals wishing to broaden their knowledge and skills. 
  • Information for private therapy sessions: Individual, Family, Couples, Children and Adolescents (ask for prices without commitment). 
  • Articles related to psychotherapy and latest news from the therapy community. 
  • Books on sale about individual therapy, group leadership, etc. (Virtual shopping).  
  • Project development for your company training needs, conducting meetings or workshops on Effective Communication, Leadership, Coaching, etc. (indicate your need and we will develop  a complete project). 

Brisbane 4060
Queensland- Australia

Contact Mob: 04 21514907



Who Are we


YARO STARAK, B.A., M.S.W, Adv.Dip.SW, Dip.GT.

Gestalt Psychotherapist.
Gestalt Art Therapist CAT®
Men leadership training
Author of books on Gestalt Psychotherapy & Group facilitation
Co-Director Gestalt Art Therapy Centre-Australia

He finished his undergraduate studies majoring in psychology at the University of Manitoba and later his postgraduate studies at the University of British Columbia, Canada. He continued further studies at the University of Toronto specialising in adult education, group dynamics and supervision.
After training and graduating as a Gestalt Therapy from the Toronto Gestalt Institute, he became a faculty member of the Institute for four years. He later immigrated to Australia in 1978 to lecture at the University of Queensland.
Over the past twenty five years Yaro has been teaching and training various professional groups and Gestalt groups in Brisbane, Tasmania, Sydney and overseas in Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, Germany, Estonia, Italy and Spain.
Yaro has published and co-edited four books in Gestalt Therapy and Group Process, three training manuals and numerous articles in several international journals on group work, Gestalt Therapy, Family Therapy, Alternative Living, Men’s Issues and Deep Psychology.
He is an accredited Values & Leadership Coach and founding member of GANZ – Gestalt Australia & New Zealand – the accrediting body of Gestalt therapy training Institutes.
He is also a regular presenter at National and International Conferences.

Now his passion is Art and he is having annual Art exhibitions, also he enjoys writing monthly news at his blog "Reflections Yaro".


        GEMMA GARCIA. Dip. GT., Dip. Ericksonian Hypnosis., Aura Soma Therapist L2., Dip.GT. 

Gestalt Therapist
Gestalt Art Therapist CAT®
Co-Director Gestalt Art Therapy Centre - Australia
Visual Artist. Art Instructor. Freelance Book Editor
Freelance Curator, Coordinator Art Group Exhibitions.
Director of APE Brisbane (Art Performances and Exhibitions)

Gemma studied Gestalt Therapy at the Gestalt Institute of Valencia-Spain. She worked in the Emergency field for the Spanish government for 15 years - conducting research with groups of Firemen about the emotional impact of high stress situations and combining the use of Gestalt Therapy with Art. Gemma is a trained Ericksonian Hypnotist from the University of Valencia (Spain) and she is an Aura Soma Therapist (L2). 

Gemma is also a talented Visual Artist.  She uses art as part of her process of personal growth, exploring new forms of expression and therapy across a broad range of art materials & mediums. She moved to Australia and co-founded the Gestalt Art Therapy Centre with Yaro Starak - The only Gestalt Art Therapy Centre known in Australia.

Yaro Starak and Gemma Garcia organized the First Conference of Art Therapy in Bali in March 2011 and are the organizers of the Second Conference of Art Therapy in Bali in July 2012.

Every year they are developing Art Therapy Retreats in Australia and Spain. 

YARO STARAK- Men Leadership Facilitator


  Yaro is the co-founder of the Australian men’s movement together with Rein Van De Ruit. He trained most of the current men facilitators in Queensland and NSW. He was a regular contributor to the Men Festivals for the last ten years.



 Facilitator: Yaro Starak

 This course is designed to bring about a deep awareness in participants regarding the need to re-examine and learn about what is Leadership in the new millennium. Today we have many ‘leaders’ that are mostly known as ‘celebrities’. The modern media presents them to the masses as “Icons” – most are politicians, business, sport or film stars.

 The Conscious Leader, on the other hand, is known for his personal achievements and not as someone who is ‘well known”. Conscious Leaders reveal to us the possibilities of human potentialities; while celebrities are only interested in their own popularity.

 What a Conscious Leader does is manifested at a higher level of awareness. He is not interested in an ‘outcome based’ performance but being clearly able to facilitate the best possible achievements with people and empower them to become fully who they are.

 Conscious Leaders are trained to utilize special skills we call “meta-skills”. This means that work is done above and beyond simple solutions to life’s issues. Meta-skills help us to generate new potentials, new resources and new strengths at all levels of human relationships.

 The training of Conscious Leaders involves many facets of discipline; however, there are four basic qualities that form a set of guiding principles in this work:

 The first quality is FIERCENESS – it is the passionate and fierce commitment to self-development and growth as an initiated man.

 The second quality is STEALTH – it is a way of accomplishing tasks that appear to have some ‘magical’ energy and has no ‘ego attachment’ in the accomplishment of goals. It is simply a service to others and the joy found in that service.

 The third quality is PATIENCE – In today’s world it is very important to have the patience to do things at the right time and the right place. If necessary, to wait for the ‘field’ to emerge and then a new potential to act will be available.

 Finally, the fourth quality is COMPASSION – it is the way of knowing that there is no state separate from human experience. We all have a unique capacity to gain

 Enquiry about details contact: Yaro Starak email:

Yaro's blog:


GEMMA GARCIA- Visual Artist


In 1986 she Gemma began her art studies in a private Art Academy Valladolid (Spain) where she studied classical art and painting.

Gemma studied at the Academy for over five years and then she was accepted into the Association of Art in Castellón - Spain. Here she met the master sculptor, Augustin Ahis, who specialized in wood and sculptures in clay, extending her awareness into the world of 3-dimensional explorations.

Diploma of Visual Art- Tafe 2014

She is currently exhibiting her Art in several Art Galleries in Brisbane

Her creative & multi-skilled Art workshops are held at the ART STUDIO- Brisbane- Australia

Gemma is offering private Art classes for Children and Adults





in Spanish Language

Have fun and learn a new language!